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My images are abstract digital compositions created using a number of software applications interchangeably, like Adobe Fireworks CS6, a vector creating software, Illustrator, and Inkscape.  Fireworks includes Photoshop filter gallery, which is a one-stop place for working with filters in your documents. Photoshop Element is a great software I like to use editing photographs and more.  My projects often results in many variations of an image, usually a different color background, or texture appearance because I'm experimenting and exploring, blending modes and filters until I get something I like.  You may find some of these images and designs on t-shirts and other merchandise from time to time on Cafepress.com and vintage collectible items on Esty.com.

The Squid Design and Abstract Explosive Hair, in the second row below are two images from a mixed media exhibition “Textures and Color” series, at Artworks Downtown in San Rafael.  They were reproduced on poly blend archival stretched canvas then went a through a transformation adding acrylic paints with gels and glazes mixed for texture and final design.   

Abstract Locs project

Colorful Locs

I actually started out with a photograph of trees as the backdrop for this design; inserted an abstract image drawing, applying filters, using blending modes, adding color, smoothing with various brushes until I completed an effect I liked.  

Faces project

Faces II Series

My first "Faces" project was done using President Obama's public domain image in 2009. My current series uses  several images overlaying them, using filters, adding color and drawing to complete the composition. I often get surprises. 

Vote the Environment project

Save the Animals

Vector posters for Creative Action Network Campaigns.  This image was not submitted. However,  submissions were made to  the  Gun Show, Recovering the Classics, and Vote the Environment campaigns. Visit the projects.

Abstract Digital Design


Designed using  bamboo stylist and texture comb brushes, angled  vertically and horizontally.  Drop shadow brush used for smoothing  and blending colors.

Digital SQUID Design

Peaceful Bird

A digital painting design using three Photoshop brushes; an ink blot, watercolor fat tip and squid brush. The  squid brush produces soft flowery style strokes.

Abstract EXPLOSIVE Hair

Explosive Hair

A White background with splashes of color,  embedded images, used filters, blending mode, gradient tools, using stylist, crosshatch and faux finish brushes to paint on the computer canvas.








  If you want a powerful imaging editing and manipulation software tool on your computer, I recommend a free open-source software like  GIMP. It gives you the capabilities that Photoshop provides and is very comprehensive.  Also, Pixlr is another free online cloud-based image photo editor that you can use from your browser. Just join and start creating. If you are having problems learning these tools, search, find and watch video tutorials on You Tube. These things take time, and you've got to stay with it watching again and again. Rinse and Repeat!


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